About Neal Robertson

Neal wearing his "gladkit" look

Neal was christened in a tearoom, baptised from a thermos flask (ask him, he’ll tell you all about it), so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he now runs a tearoom.

From school he went to work in The Marine Hotel, North Berwick, then various establishments in Edinburgh before moving to Fife.

He worked as assistant manager at The Rescobie Hotel, deputy manager at Balbirnie House Hotel and manager at Littlejohns (Perth and St Andrews) before opening the tearoom on 22nd May, 1994.

Neal is also one of only 18 people in the world to have been crowned ‘World Porridge Making Champion’ at the annual international competition held at Carrbridge.
Take a look at www.goldenspurtle.com – you might see a familiar face!


(The home-baked ham, as advertised on the blackboard behind Neal, is excellent - ask him how he cooks it.)